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Dear IELTS Test Taker, 

It’s depressing, isn’t it? 

Even though thousand of people who want to relocate abroad will start preparing to take the IELTS exam and get a high band score this year, very few will succeed. 

Some people will manage to score band 6.5 and that would be just enough for their immigration applications. A few others will achieve up to Band 7 or 8 which are considered high scores depending on your Relocation route. But nearly everyone else will bunk the exam either because their overall score is below the requirement or they flop just one of the 4 modules in the test and that makes all their efforts go down the drain. Now, they have to retake the exam, AGAIN!

Maybe it’s even happened to you already. You start to prepare for IELTS, watch videos, buy materials, join classes and even practice day and night in order to get at least Band 7 or 8, but you end up getting low band scores instead. Or perhaps you even decide to try other immigration routes that does not require IELTS, but you realize that you can't get a job or permanent residency or maybe even study abroad without a good score in this English Proficiency Test.

It’s frustrating. It’s humiliating. It’s exhausting. And sometimes it feels like no matter how many times you attempt this test even after long Preparation, you’re just never going to reach a Band 7.5

Listen, if you’ve ever felt like this, be reassured that you’re not the only one. And let me also tell you that it’s not your fault if you’ve attempted the IELTS exam and failed before.

You see, the reason why you can't get a high band score in IELTS is because the examiners have skillfully inserted distractions and distortions into the questions. So you choose answers with confidence that you are correct, only to see your result and realize that they were all wrong. And your tutors didn't show you how to escape these loopholes.

I mean think about it, if you knew the exact approach for each question type in IELTS and were drilled to master the key skills that guarantee a high score, you sure would have passed at a single sitting. After all…

If you had impeccable command of English and knew how to avoid distortions in the test like everyone else, then you would get Band 7 or 8 like other high band test takers...

Ahh, to be so lucky. 

But you weren’t born with excellent grammar or diction skills. You don’t have good command of English, neither are you used to using all the big vocabulary words you have been asked to cram. You probably don’t even have a degree in English Language.

So it’s no wonder that those courses, classes and YouTube videos didn’t help you achieve your desired band score at one sitting. It’s no wonder that everyone else makes it look so easy, while you struggle to comprehend the questions or find accurate answers. It's so serious that you can't even finish the test within the given duration.

You still spend almost one hour, 30 minutes on the Reading Test that should take only an hour. You sometimes can't even seem to hear what the speakers are saying in the Listening Test. Your writing is a disaster because thinking of ideas to develop your writing becomes an issue and you end up with Band 5 or even lower. And the speaking that you thought was the simplest turned out to be more complex than you imagined.

Until now, that is. But, not anymore.

You see, getting a high band score in IELTS isn't a function of how much grammar you can blow or how many huge vocabulary words you are familiar with.

This may sound like a Cliché, but the reality is that... IELTS is not your regular English Exam.

So, passing at a single sitting without the frustration of multiple low scores will require that you understand the dynamics of the IELTS test, as well as the proven approach for each question type you would come across on each module of the test.

Applying these two crucial aspects in your practice is what helps you master the skills that make you a high band IELTS Test Taker.

But the mistake most people make is that, they just keep downloading loads of IELTS past questions without first laying a solid foundation and building the strong pillars.

Don't be caught in the web of information overload and ineffective practice. Let me show you the Simple, Fail-proof System hundreds of IELTS Test Takers are now using to score band 7, 7.5, 8 and above with less than 30 days of effective Preparation.

Introducing the IELTS Band 8 Magnet – the first to simplify the dynamics of the IELTS Test to help you ace the IELTS exam regardless of your present level of proficiency in English!

That’s right, now you too can score as high as band 8, even if you suck at English or you don't think you have enough time to prepare for the test.

It seems a little hard to believe, doesn’t it? After all, you’ve tried to take tutorials before, but you’re not really any better off than before. So it feels like too much to hope for to believe that this program really could be the solution to your repeatedly low IELTS score. 

But this IELTS Band 8 Magnet is unlike any you’ve ever tried before. That’s because we won't just be dropping you boring videos or materials, neither do we teach theories and complex grammatical jargon that you don't even know how to apply. Rather, we hold you by the hand and through practical, explanatory and interactive live classes, we expose you to the exact guaranteed Approach for Each Question Type you would come across in the IELTS exam – from Reading to Listening, and Writing to Speaking.

 And in just minutes from now you’ll: 

Discover the ultimate secret of [getting a specific benefit] – you simply can’t fail once you know this! 

A surefire way to [get another benefit] 

Plus you’ll even get [another benefit], quicker and easier than you ever thought possible! 

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The class was so interesting and educative. God bless you.


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Paul Y.

Modules were highly impactful and insightful as well, thanks so much.

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The class was very impactful for me. Thank you ma

Philomena a.

Very detailed and highly commendable


Highly instructive and well comprehended. God bless you more.

Patrick f.

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